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Aussenbad   linear & timeless

A pool facility located on several levels, the top level features an architecture making entirely due without flourishes; furniture made of easy to clean, natural materials, distributed like reposing rocks in a zen garden; water refracting like a thin film at the basin’s edge collected in another basin further down.

Dressed stones, granite, and high quality wood give the facility a harmonious atmosphere, a short trip to the far east with a view of the swabian mountains.

Aussenbad Aussenbad  
Schwimmbadbau und Design
adventurous & creative
Aussenbad   This breathtaking swimming facility is located high up in the swiss mountains. … more
linear & timeless
Aussenbad   A pool facility located on several levels  … more
design & function
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white & blue
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naturalness & well-being
tl_files/duhnke/bilder/aussen_bad/aussenbad_natuerlichkeit03.jpg   A panoramic view, luscious
green, a warm wood patio
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