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Passion for water

A pool is more than a basin fi lled with water. For over 30 years JD has realized swimming pool dreams of highest standards.

It is our pleasure to create your very personal refuge of relaxation, a retreat after a hectic day – an oasis
of ease and delight, where you and your family will have fun for many years.

Allow the fascination for a swimming pool by JD to inspire you.
  We want you to be happy with your swimming pool for many years. Therefore our engineers are working continuously on more intelligent and effi cient systems and products. With JD you reduce your operation expenses to a minimum from the very beginning.

At the forefront is the self-developed "spring water philosophy" from JD. Modern treatment technology ensures natural-looking water in a smooth, soft bubbling quality. In addition, a sophisticated ventilation and air conditioning technology guarantees that the air in your swimming pool is always fresh and comfortable.
Schwimmbadbau und Design



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